Today's most critical way to pay for college skill:

Now there is an easy way to learn the concepts, tips, tricks and techniques that will increase your studentís financial aid award by 30 to 50 percent.

Announcing the College Tuition Solutions Leveraging Your Studentís Financial Aid Award Audio Conference and Special Report.

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Dear fellow parent,

Thereís an old adage that says, ďWhy pay retail when you can get it wholesale?Ē

Very wise.

Itís a fact of life that some parents will pay full price to send their child to college and others will get a huge discount. The question is, ďWhich parent are you?Ē

Now hereís some 21st Century paying for college wisdom:

Colleges that offer your student a great award can be used to leverage better awards from your childís first choice college.

Because if youíre not looking at what the college can offer your student, you will have to come up with five, six or even ten thousand dollars or more each year out of your own pocket and potentially harm the health of your financial house.

Thatís why the College Tuition Solutions research team and I researched and wrote the xx-page Special Report Leveraging Your Studentís Financial Aid Award, based on thousands of cases we have processed right here at our College Client Care Center.

And thatís why weíre offering a special Audio Conference on [day and date] from [time to time] EST that will explain the elements of leveraging your students financial aid award --- in detail --- so that you can take every possible advantage and pay thousands less for college than you would if you did not have this insider information.

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College Tuition Solutions Leveraging Your Studentís Financial Aid Award will provide you with dozens of concepts, tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to increase your studentsí financial aid award at hundreds of colleges by 25 to 40 percent.

Tips for selecting colleges that will offer your student great---and avoiding the disappointment of --- really bad financial aid offers

  • Learn exactly how the colleges select students who will receive discounted tuition
  • Discover why relying on the financial aid forms alone to get you money is a bad idea
  • Understand how and when to ask for more money

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Techniques for finding colleges that are predisposed to giving your student lots of free money.

  • Learn the exact criteria you can use to find colleges that will compete for your child
  • How your student's academic credentials are matched with the colleges admissions merit aid matrix
  • The secret to effectively targeting colleges that your student wants a great financial offer from

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Ways to help create a strong relationship with Admissions

  • Master the art of creating amazing resumes that separate you from the crowd -- and make the college want to 'pay you' for enrolling
  • Why too many contacts with the admissions staff or committee can lower your probability of a receiving a terrific financial award

Telling the college a compelling story that tugs at their heartstrings instead of having them run down the hall to get away from you

  • Discover how to use a third party to give your story credibility
  • Master the art of expressing yourself

Amazingly, many parents have absolutely no idea if the college their son or daughter chooses could have done a better job of awarding financial aid, both merit and need based money* (see below for definitions).

And those that think they should get more help from the college, are more than a little intimidated by the Ivy Halls of higher education.

There are rules to increase the level of financial support a college can give you. However, just knowing the rules wonít put you in the money.

In poker, you would want to know the rules before betting any of your hard earned money. But knowing what cards make for three of a kind or a full house isnít enough.

Before you sit down to play a game like poker, or decide which financial aid offer to accept, not only must you need to know the rules but you need to know how to apply those rules in a winning strategy.

Colleges and universities have what are called endowments. As you may already know, an endowment is money that was donated by alumnus and others to help the college discount itís sticker price of admission. But the discount isnít offered to just anyone. The discount is for studentís it wants to attract.

Finding out if your student is attractive to a given college is a little tricky. Just asking the admissions staff is kind of like asking an automobile dealership if you can get a great deal. Of course, they will say yes to get you to come in. Once you see the beautiful new cars and become a little emotionally involved in one you like, the dealership begins to lose the incentive to offer you the best deal they could.

College admissions staffers are hired, trained and retained by the numbers of applicants they produce for their school. Itís in their best interest to tell you all about what financial aid programs they have but what they canít or wonít tell you, is how much they will take of the price tag. For that you have to fill out the admission application, financial aid forms and perhaps show them your tax return.

Itís interesting to note, that even those parents who make too much money to qualify for need based financial aid, benefit by applying for aid. Colleges like to see which students will be Ďfull paysí. This is because if they like what they see, they are likely to offer a discount in the form of a merit award to lure the student to their college.

Why do this? Simply put, because colleges lose students every year due to transfers, drop outs, etc. They want as many students as they can get that wonít leave in future years due to financial reasons.

Itís more cost effective to Ďbuy a studentí who can afford the college rather than to offer a ton of money to some kid whose parents who wonít be able to keep up with the amount they do have to pay. Colleges would rather give up $5,000 per year to a student who doesnít need it than pay $20,000 to a kid who does. Think of it this way, they can get four students for the price of one doing it this way and many college do it exactly like this BUT many donít. Itís knowing the difference that can make all the difference when it comes to leaving thousands of dollars on the table which will come out of your pocket or your childís.

Not all Ivy League Schools are Created Equal

An Ivy League college like Harvard doesnít consider a students merit when it comes to awarding financial aid. At Harvard, everyone is brilliant so they only give money if your financial situation warrants it and according to the way they figure it.

Most folks wouldnít buy a home, a car or a piece of furniture without trying to bargain even a little bit. College is perhaps the second most expensive purchase a family will make, especially if they have more than one child going to college.

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