Renegade College Advocate Thumbs Nose At Self Proclaimed College Funding 'Experts' Who Get Rich Preying On The Hopes and Fears Of Parents And Finally Reveals The Good, The Bad And The Ugly About Getting Money For College That No One Else Dares

Dedicated College Admissions And Financial Aid Advocate From The Rust Belt, Teaches You The Insider Secrets To Lowering Your College Costs And Saving Your Old Age Pension… Guaranteed! Discover How He’s Taught Thousands of Parents, CPA’s and Certified Financial Planners To Get The Money For College Your Child So Richly Deserves!

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Dear Concerned Parent,

Testimonial You're about to discover what might be the most powerful college admissions and financial aid strategies ever developed. It's the same program successfully used by thousand of parents who found the perfect academic, social and financial college fit for their child at a price they could comfortably afford.

Whether you can stroke a check for $52,200 (one year) to New York University, or you can’t, we can help ‘show you the money.’ In fact, it doesn’t matter if you qualify for financial aid or not…the richer you are the better.

There are plenty of colleges that will give you FREE money (called tuition discounts) because they know you can afford it and your student will stick around the four or five years. They know your student won’t drop out because of money. Harvard won’t do this but there are more than a thousand colleges and universities that will.

The Ivies, Hidden Ivies and Sister Ivies don’t all do this…but there are hundreds and hundreds of colleges and universities that will give your student lots of money. Over a 4 year period, this could be as much as $88,000 --- or more!

My name is Stuart Siegel, CCPS and over the past 12 years, through a long and painstaking process of trial, error and experimentation, I've developed a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed system for finding the right college at the right price so you won’t have to go hungry when you retire.

The system is based on the little-known admission secrets that even the most competitive colleges and universities use to entice the students they want the most.

If you would like to learn how to send your student to a college or university where they literally will roll out the red carpet for your child so…

  • You don't have to say no to your child
  • You pay wholesale rather than retail
  • You won't be at the brink of financial ruin
  • You don't have to sacrifice your retirement
  • You won't have to change your current lifestyle
  • You can finally sleep at night

…then this will be the most important web page you will ever read. I guarantee it and I've got the results to prove it!

Professional Testimonials

I wanted to tell you thanks for the fabulous work that your team performs. The e-mails sent to clients and the way that you perform you service is commendable and FABULOUS in my opinion. You have far exceeded anything I have experienced so far in going through the application submission process. Thanks again for your great process.

Susan M. Thompson, Ph.D.
President & CEO College Funding of Louisiana, Inc.

The newsletters are great! You really do a fantastic job of putting them together.

Bob Hoger Michigan College Funding

Thanks for the logic on client Frost Stu! It's right on target - and we didn't think of that approach. That is a wonderful service you offer.

Thanks again,
Tom and Lawrene Bottorf
College Funding, Inc.
A Non Profit California Corporation

Your expertise and guidance has allowed me to offer the best advice on appealing financial aid award to my clients.

Gary Carpenter CPA, CCPS
College Loan Evaluator

As always, you deliver the goods to my Las Vegas NICCP conferences. Thanks for info on appealing financial aid awards. After Harvard gave my client nothing, we were able to appeal a $38,000 package. This saved my client at least $152,000 over 4 years.

Keep at it!

Rick Darvis CPA, CCPS
President, National Institute of Certified College Planners

What Makes This Student Leveraging System So Exciting is That it Gives You The Power To:

Give your child a top-flight education. Your student can get an Ivy League education without the Ivy price tag! One little known secret is there are hundreds of colleges and universities that employ professors from the country’s most exclusive and selective colleges and universities. After all, teaching jobs at Harvard are hard to come by. These graduates have to teach somewhere! Your child benefits up to half the price.


Turn a lackluster financial aid package into a great one. Most financial aid awards are the colleges’ first, best and last offer. That is unless you know which schools will compete for your child. It isn’t as easy to get a college to ‘sweeten the pot’ as it used to be. That’s why you need leverage. You want your student to be a position where the colleges bid for your child. Find out where your child will be on the “A” list of applicants. Knowing can save you thousands of dollars per year!

Pay for college without going into massive debt. For most parents borrowing is just a fact of life. Student debt for an undergraduate degree now exceeds $23,000…and that’s the low end. Parent debt can exceed $160,000 for just one child’s college education. The monthly payment alone is $1,933.00 per month! Colleges don’t care how they get their money; they just want to be paid. Not only will this system show you how to pay less for college, you will also learn how to structure your debt and efficiently eliminate it over time in a way that works for you.

Keep more of your hard earned money for retirement. Most people are behind the 8 ball when it’s time to stop working. Money you don’t have to give the college is money you keep for yourself--- at compound interest!. Colleges don’t give a rat’s ass about your financial well-being. If you want to protect yourself you must learn the ugly truth about the $156 billion per year college industry and the $59 billion per year available in tuition discount programs. I urge you to read every word of this report because it could save you tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Beware Of Wolves In Sheeps Clothing

Google ‘financial aid’ and 28 million, 400 hundred thousand financial aid web sites appear on your computer screen. A lot are legitimate federal sites and college financial aid page links.

Many are student lenders. A few are legitimate scholarship search sites. Some are bogus scholarship sites. The rest are people you can place in 1 of 2 categories:

  • Those claiming to be financial aid "experts."
  • Those claiming to be admissions counseling "experts."

The only thing these people are expert at is separating you from your money.

My purpose is not to bash legitimate people who honestly try to help people. To be sure, there are a few dedicated professionals. The purpose of this information is to educate parents about the realities of the very business you are looking to seek help from.

If you’re wondering how much money is at stake, more and more colleges and universities are charging over $50,000 per year with no end in sight. With so much money involved, no wonder there are those who would exploit the market.

During the depression when 25% of workers were unemployed, there were those who made fortunes. As tuition and fees continue to soar, there are people who take advantage of those most vulnerable.

The ‘expert’s’ sales pitch is very convincing and compelling. First they ask leading questions designed to make you feel uncomfortable and insecure like, “How long have you saved for college? How much have you saved? What is your plan if you don’t get enough or any financial aid? What about completing the financial aid forms?”

These questions are not going to make you feel very good about yourself. They prey on your insecurities and deepest fears. This is known in the trade as ‘picking your scabs.’ Who wants to hire a scab picker to help you find the best way to college?

At up to $30,000 per customer, just 20 clients a year makes for a comfortable living. Many of these “‘expert’s” will promise you they can get your son or daughter into an Ivy League college. That is a barefaced blatant lie! But so that you are more likely to believe their promises, they offer guarantees and contracts with more holes than a Swiss cheese.

The plain truth is there are more class valedictorians in the United States than all the seats at the Ivy League colleges COMBINED! And with the exception of Princeton, they aren’t adding any more. NO ONE can guarantee that your child will be accepted into any Ivy, Hidden Ivy or Sister Ivy.

Who I Am and Why You Should Listen To Me


I’m one of the few financial professionals (I’m licensed with the Securities Exchange Commission) that have been invited to college campuses and help parents figure out how they will pay for college. A former dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business recommended me out of hundreds of others to spearhead this program.

Working with so many families, each unique in their own way, my knowledge base grew exponentially. Integrating finances, cash flow, educational strategies, tax law, creative borrowing, financial aid rules and regulations, and admission policies I was able to help people from all walks of life.

Two parent homes, single parent homes, same sex couples homes, the rich, the poor, the small business owner, people out of work, people barely working, divorced/separated, widows and widowers, guardians, grandparents, and the in betweens... I have worked successfully with them all.

If there was a kid with a decent academic record who wanted to go to college, there was a way we could make it happen.

Like you, I am a parent. I have a daughter with a law degree, a son that dropped out after his freshman year (college isn’t for everyone), and my youngest, a fine fiddle playing soccer player with an A average about to enter the 11th grade. I’m very curious to know what admissions will think about her.

I practice the strategies I preach. There is a saying, “Don’t do as I say…do as I do.” Many parents have benefited by my program to lower their college bills and keep their student debt low, perhaps even non-existent. The whole idea is to make paying for college a financial non-event. Results will vary from family to family but one thing is certain, you can get a great education wholesale.

Since college costs have blown through the roof, every parent of a college bound student in America should have my book. You may have seen my name in newspaper, magazine and web articles. I’ve been in USA Today, Bloomberg, Consumer Reports, Christian Science Monitor, Worth, US News and World Report, CNN Money, etc. I’ve written dozens of articles on the ethics of college planning. I have published a monthly college newsletter for 6 years.

Prices Will Continue to Skyrocket Until the Year 2017

You can compare the price increase of college to the price you pay for gas at the pump. For the time being there is plenty of oil, it’s just that we’re out of capacity to refine what we need. We have an increasing demand and a shrinking supply of available product.

Just like any product, (and a college education is a product, or service if you prefer) supply and demand drives the price up. Each year more seniors apply to the ‘Abercrombie and Fitch’ schools than are seats available. Unfortunately, few of these colleges are expanding to meet the demand. Not only are there more students, but thanks to the Internet and the Common Application, which about 300 colleges accept, applying to multiple colleges with a click of a mouse has never been easier.

The reason seniors apply to so many schools is because they are uncertain of where they will get in. Students have higher test scores, too. Some schools are seeing SAT scores up 100 points. The competition to get admitted is fierce. At the more selective colleges, the competition is tougher than ever. Each year there is less money to go around. College applicant pools will continue to grow until 2013 so it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

It used to be that if a college wanted you bad enough, depending on a number of factors, they’d offer, say, $12,000 in free money. But, now there are so many kids applying, there’s no incentive to offer anywhere near that much. But there is reason to take heart. Many colleges still offer substantial discounts to the students it wants. And these colleges offer top flight educations and career and graduate paths.

Figures Don't Lie But Liars Figure


Because of the phenomenal surge in college prices, more and more of these so called financial aid ‘experts’ see an opportunity to make a killing in the market. And every day more and more well-meaning parents are seduced by the heady promise of automatic career success that only schools like Dartmouth, Penn, Columbia or Brown can give. They are romanced by the sense of pride they will feel when the letter of acceptance comes from lofty names like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Cornell.

A brand name college education is so coveted that some parents will commit the financial equivalent of stepping out in front of a moving bus to pay for it. ‘Experts’ will show you their 85% acceptance rates of the students they represent getting into the most selective schools in the country. The reality is that those numbers are almost two decades old!

If the best of the best of the independent educational counselors charging up to $30,000 can’t guarantee to get your kid into Harvard, why do these ‘expert’s think they can?

Many parents go their accountants to help them fill out the FAFSA. This is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is the major financial aid form. Contrary to what the high schools will tell you, filing the FAFSA without any expensive mistakes is not easy. This is about the only thing the ‘experts’ are right about.

The US Department of Education and financial aid administrators say that the FAFSA is easy to do. Yet statistics from this same government agency report that over 90% of the financial aid forms have errors and need to be corrected before your student gets a dime. Often by the time the errors are discovered, your student is out of the money.

So, chalk up one for the ‘expert’s’. But… they aren’t any more expert at completing the forms than you are.

At a recent national conference on financial aid, about half the room of 200 were certified public accounts. Believe it or not, the majority of CPA’s could not properly answer all the questions on the FAFSA. Accountants know taxes and how to prepare your return… not how to prepare your FAFSA. I should know, CPA’s hire me to advise them.

If practitioners of the nations most trusted profession can’t help you, where do these so-called “Financial Aid Gurus” get off saying they can help you pay less for college?

Where Most College Funding 'Experts' Come From

A lot of these financial aid ‘experts’ are insurance salespeople. They are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their real job is to sell life insurance. Life insurance is a wonderful thing and if you have kids you should definitely have a lot of it.

Life insurance agents that use college to market themselves are using ‘bait and switch’ tactics so they can sell you high commission insurance products. Some even set up not for profit organizations to fool you. The largest of these was recently charged with stealing a minimum of $7 million dollars to pay off the mortgages on the executive directors investment properties.

Since you're probably wondering how this program is different, here's the whole story:

About fifteen years ago, the entire College Funding industry was founded on one financial aid loophole. This loophole isn’t such a great loophole anymore. To paraphrase the instructions in the FAFSA: ”don’t include the value of annuity’s or the cash value of life insurance...”

Money put into annuities and life insurance are protected from the Federal Financial Aid Methodology. I’m not going to bore you now with how the financial aid system works. But, in a nutshell, money that you or your child has lowers your financial aid eligibility. Some would say that you are actually penalized if you have saved for college.

As a result of this loophole, never has here been an easier way to sell life insurance. And these insurance products pay huge commissions. That’s why insurance people are on this like flies on horse manure.

Oh, they also scared the bejeebers out of you by telling you how easy it is to screw up the financial aid forms. I admit the FAFSA is not an easy form to complete. You can lose money if you do it wrong. But you don’t need them to complete it for a fee.

The promise of making tons of mega commissions the fast and easy way is irresistible. The reality is that it’s not that fast and it sure ain’t easy.

They can bilk the life’s savings of unsuspecting well meaning parents who were unfortunate enough to get caught in the ‘experts’ web for awhile. Then it’s off to a new gimmick. Something that promises them an even easier way to make money and a lot more of it… like selling insurance sitting at home in their underwear (I kid you not).

A one size fits all technique to lower your college bill is to pull all the equity out of your home and then put it in life insurance. But when clients get nervous, wise up, and decide NOT to go through with this often ill-conceived scheme, these ‘experts’ disappear. I ought to know. My College Client Care Center ends up taking care of these poor orphans that had the bad luck to become their clients.

Another thing—and this is important—The vast majority got into the business because they were complete failures as insurance salespersons.

I’m no psychiatrist, but it has been my observation that most of these folks suffer from a form of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). They are always looking for the BBD or Bigger Better Deal. But their poor work ethic and the inconsistent behaviors that made them failures in the first place never changes. Sadly, I see it everyday. And parents suffer as a result.

A One Trick Pony


Life insurance as the only solution to your college problem isn't always going to take you where you need to go. You must have a complete strategy that addresses all the roads that lead to paying the lowest dollar amount possible. Cash Flow Management, Educational Strategies, College Fit, Tax Strategies, and more. None of these are addressed by these ‘experts’. The insurance is the thing.

Because life insurance agents can only sell life insurance and annuities, they’re a one trick pony. Even though the test to sell life insurance is pretty easy, getting people to buy it is hard. What did you say the last time someone tried to sell you some? Exactly. That would explain why 95% of these agents quit the business in the first year.

Still another truth is if they get licensed for securities, the company they work for makes peanuts compared to the 125% commissions some insurance products generate!

Life agents don’t get paid a salary. They get a draw against commission and if they don’t sell right out of the gate, they are history. Imagine the pressure! It’s no wonder life insurance people have such poor reps. Some will say and do some pretty skuzzy things to keep their jobs. That’s another reason most of them quit. They can’t live with themselves for very long doing a job that is dispicable. They have taken a product that most people need at one time or another and twisted into something akin to buying a used car.

To be a bona fide financial advisor you need to study hard and long, pass difficult exams before you can be licensed from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Association of Securities Dealers. Few people pass the test for general securities (known as a Series 7 and/or a Series 65) the first time out. It’s tough stuff.

To be a college funding specialist requires unique training (financial aid and tax laws), study, certification and experience. Nothing can replace real world experience.

College Funding is The Holy Grail For Insurance Agents

Earlier in this letter I mentioned a federal financial aid rule that says the value of annuities and life insurance is not counted when calculating financial aid. There is truth to that but there are pitfalls, too. For insurance people using college funding as a front to sell life insurance and annuities, it’s like dying and going to heaven.

They are going to dazzle you with important and complicated sounding terms like EFC, need-based aid, FFELP, institutional methodology, Simplified Needs Test, consensus approach, professional judgment, etc. You will not know what they mean. For the most part, they won’t, either.

A very effective technique at signing up parents for the college funding scam is to ask you questions designed to make you feel bad. Questions like:

"So, how much have you saved for college thus far?"

“The college your son wants to go to costs $39,800. That’s per year! They will likely expect you to foot NO LESS than $20,000 of the bill. But I would be conservative and say, probably more like $26,000. Do you know how much of that you can afford to pay out of pocket?”

And after you feel some pain, they will tell you that if you sign up with them they will calculate your Expected Family Contribution or EFC. BTW, that’s a real term. The EFC is the minimum amount of money any college would expect you to pay before any aid would be given.

And you are likely to say, “Enough! I’m sold. I’ll pay your fee. Anything. Just solve my problem so my pain will go away and I won’t have to worry about this anymore.”

But the reality is far from the bill of goods you have just been sold.

The Phrase That Pays...The Secret Weapon 'Experts' Use to Get You To Buy

What I am about to reveal to you is so sensitive and hush-hush that saying it’s a sacred trade secret would be an understatement. On this web page I am actually being kind to these 'experts' for fear of real retribution. Because what I am going to tell you about the college funding industry is so scandalous, I am risking a lot by sharing this information. They could make false claims to the government about me, spread lies to the colleges I have friendly relationships with (some colleges really do help their students), tell my clients that I am a thief and a crook, etc. By telling you this I could be shunned by my friends and colleagues.

Why would I even think about exposing the dark underbelly of this world I work in? Simple. I own a College Client I’ve got to look at myself in the mirror everyday. And I don’t want to go to my grave without shining the light of day on the cockroaches that rip people off and prey on their fears. Their fear of not being able to afford a college education for their children without hiring these ‘experts.'

Okay, here goes: At the end of the appointment and if you’ve agreed to become a college customer, the agent will head for the door to leave, and he or she will turn back towards you and innocently say, “When I get back to the office and review all of your personal information, I will be in a position to know what can be done to improve your overall financial situation. If there are things that can be done to improve your overall financial situation, would you want to know about it?”

Of course it’s a leading question. It’s like a traffic accident. You don’t want to look. Yet, how many of us can resist a peek?

By saying yes, you have just given that person the right to sell you high commission life insurance products. Pretty slick, don’t you think? The guy who thought that one up has a doctorate in philosophy. He also runs one of the most successful financial aid web sites out there. Whoever said you couldn’t do something with that is eating crow.

Now, 12 Years and Thousands of Diligent Work Hours Later, I Made Some Amazing - And Appalling Discoveries

The first thing I discovered was that almost everyone is getting ripped off by the college industry. I learned that most college funders are nothing more than “bait and switch” artists and that they will tell you anything to make a fast buck. I also learned that an awful lot of colleges disguise loans as financial aid awards.

The vast majority of college ‘experts’ are corrupt marketing vultures that are getting rich by preying on your fears, hopes and aspirations. Unfortunately, there’s no law that protects your from becoming a victim of these ruthless scam artists.

It’s not just the so called 'experts', either. The colleges can be very deceptive, too. One very popular university in St. Louis flies prospective students to their campus. It makes you feel important and both parent and student are overwhelmed at the overture being made by this ‘prestigious’ university. Then in April of the senior year in high school, the aid package arrives. You open it with great expectations and find that all they offered you was $3,000 in free money and $45,000 in loans. If this isn’t deceptive advertising then I don’t know what is.

The second thing I discovered is that almost everyone is dead wrong in the way they tell you how to pay for college. ‘Experts’ will tell you to refinance your home. That may be a viable option. But there other ways. The colleges will tell you to take out loans. Do it their way and you just might end up broke.

Why Guidance Counselors Can't Help You

Guidance counselors are hard working people and do their best to keep the student body on track with the mandatory tests required by the states and the federal government. That alone is a full time job. That being said they can’t do what they once did helping students choose a college.

First, the reason guidance counselors don’t have time to help your student is because their job description changed years ago. Most of them spend their days dealing with family crises, school violence, drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy and other social ills that plague our schools.

Second, the guidance department isn’t a bank or brokerage firm. They are not qualified to talk about your money. They are not financial experts. And they are definitely not comfortable talking about how you will pay for college.

Third, most of what the guidance counselors pass on to your student is pure misinformation and just plain propaganda they get from twenty something college admission reps that visit the high schools. To let students decide on a college based just on their personal preferences without considering the cost is plain irresponsible.

This isn’t intentional. Like everyone else, no one has time. Just like doctors are bogged down by having to see too many patients and fill out more and more insurance paperwork, they have no time to learn about new drugs. So doctors are forced to rely on drug reps to tell them what they ought to prescribe.

Many Colleges Are Ashamed By How Much They Charge and Put Financial Aid Offers in Code

Colleges spend a lot of money to attract applicants. They send brochures and literature, they email, have college fairs, promote web cams, give tours, some put you on a plane so they can wine and dine you for the week-end.

When the financial aid award arrives, on the surface, it may look pretty good. But if you look more closely, your heart will sink. Most of the package is in loans disguised to look like aid.In fact, the letters will tell you it is a financial aid award.

Most of the time you won’t know the exact figure until August… just weeks before you pack up the minivan to deliver your student to the dorm.

So where is your share of the financial aid pie? In the marketing! It also goes to pay some people six figure incomes. There is a new sheriff in town with a new moniker. They are called Enrollment Managers. It’s the job of the enrollment manager to find out how little money it will take to get your student to accept an offer of admission. They use it with the help of data mining.

You may have heard about data mining. Even before your child writes an essay, a college or university may know tons of stuff about you and your student. They could already know what you earn and which schools your child probably will apply to.

They know if you visited their web site. They keep track of any physical visits you made to the campus, etc. They use this information to calculate what the smallest amount of aid you will accept and still enroll.

If it’s not enough? No problem. They know that at least one of the three students offered that very same package will accept it.

If your student was awarded any aid at all, the letter will provide at least the name of the award, the semesters it’s offered and the total amount. The same goes for any grants, loans and federal work-study that may be included. But you still may not know what you will have to pay out of your own pocket. It’s there all right. You just can’t see it because it’s in code!

You may have the financial aid letter in hand. At the bottom of the page and it might say Need Met: 100%. Or it could say Expected Family Contribution of : $ 0.00. It actually looks as though you don’t have to pay anything.

First, you have to dispel all notions that your student just got a free ride. You do have to pay something. Second, you have to know how to read the award. Remember, it’s in code so you will have to break it. Third, check out below in the College Award Letters for examples of awards you may come across while looking for the right school.

Now you can see that you will have to pay out of your own pocket. Not exactly what you were led to believe. It's just a matter of reading in between the lines.

The college didn’t always do this. But as college costs have risen so quickly, the Department of Education has closed their eyes to this deceptive, or at the very least, misleading practice.

Below you will find links to several award letters from various colleges. Within you will find the tools necessary to decode these "award" letters and discover their true message.

College Award Letter Examples

Grade D- [Poor] Grade C [Decent] Grade F [Poor] Grade D- [Poor]
Columbia College Chicago New York University Saint Joseph's University Villanova University

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