Below is a basic synopsis of the services I can provide to you or your company. Please refer to the Contacts Page for more detailed information on my location, and if a meeting is required to discuss possible graphic design solutions for your projects.

Web Designs

Custom made website designs that fit just what you're looking for. Flash animations can also be provided as either small elements or large scale animations.


Professional advertisements to fit your business's needs. Flyers, Full Scale Signs, Ads, and more.

Office Designs

Whatever you need for your business, in the form of brochures, pamphlets, business cards, post cards, logo design or redesign, portfolio or memo designs, and more. I also create small scale coverart designs for CD albums, Magazines, Published Novels and Informative Texts.

Upstart Business Package

For upstart businesses, I provide specific projects that target their basic needs. To get started, the package includes a logo design or redesign, Business Cards, Basic Website Build (design and structure), and a brochure to promote their products.

Prices may vary for different projects, depending on the individual needs of the client. All charges are discussed one-on-one.